Five Pillars Profit Machine Program

Tired of working around the clock

Discover how to have a successful profit-making business
while enjoying better work-life balance!

Dear hard-working business owner,

So you have an ABN, but do you have a business or just a job with overheads with a lunatic for a boss?

Perhaps your business is doing just fine, but does it give you a great lifestyle?

Or, do you have to work ridiculous hours just to keep the doors open?

Ever wonder why your business isn’t giving you the payoff you deserve …

You seem to be doing all the right things, you work hard, you look after your clients and you always keep your antennae tuned in for new opportunities to grow your business. Yet …

Your business is still … well, pretty damn ordinary!

STOP, before you work yourself to death or insolvency!

Suppose you decided not to go to work on Monday, you took Tuesday off and worked only half a day on Wednesday. Sounds like a great idea, but …

If you did that, can you expect to have a smooth running cash-rich business by the end of the week?


The truth is that most business owners and professionals have to work soul-sapping, backbreaking hours just to keep the doors open!

Leaving work early to spend more time with the family, or pursue personal interests, is just out of the question for most business owners. Often, they have to slog overtime and work the weekends just to stay in business.

A moment of TRUTH …

Do you really have to work this hard, or are you simply ineffective?

Think about it …

How many hours go wasted in your business simply because you focus on the wrong things, worry too much and keep chasing the wrong clients?

C’mon, be honest …

…if you had better clients, and more CLARITY of what to do and when to do it in your business, then you could easily work less and make more money.

That’s because …

When you don’t know (or don’t know for sure) what set of actions will produce what results in your business, then you just spend an inordinate amount of time worrying, stressing and procrastinating … without getting anywhere!

Sounds familiar? Then consider the following …

BRAND NEW coach-in-a-box program builds your wage into your invoice and gives you better work / life balance NOW!

Dr Greg Chapman Speaker

Dr. Greg Chapman has just released a special coaching system for all hardworking business owners and independent professionals who struggle to make their businesses work they way they know it should.

Dr. Chapman, is an internationally recognised and respected expert in the Micro and Small Business sector, a small business and marketing educator, mentor, coach, speaker and author of the best selling “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success”.

Five Pillars

As Australia’s leading advisor on ‘Emerging Businesses’ Greg has provided advice to thousands of business owners across a diverse range of sectors, industries and niches … helping them achieve better work / life balance and profits through better time management, systems, marketing and sales.

He is also a trainer and regulary writes programs on many different aspects of business and a Certified Master Coach. He’s also a Telstra Business Awards and Marketing Communications Executives International Awards judge. His extensive business experience has involved assignments in seven countries. He has been responsible for the management of businesses and projects ranging from the micro scale to billion-dollar businesses.

Just have a read of the following testimonials from his seminar series to see how he was able to assist hardworking business people just like you achieve better work / life balance while dramatically increasing their wages!

Hi Greg, I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. I think I learnt more last night in an hour and a half than any book I’ve read so far. Annie Daniels, Refined Project Management

The seminar was an eye opener to how I need to manage my business more efficiently instead of it running me. Great information. Necessary Brain Food for success. Anthony Bortoli, BDC

Dr Greg is like a GP doctor who identifies the problems and offers solutions to improve our business. Harry Nguyen, Northwind Group

The seminar was very thought provoking and made me question the way I run my business and makes me want to take the business to the next level. Simon Brownhill, SRB Management Group

Greg regularly runs live events providing advice to small business owners. Following his events Greg always collects people’s feedback, and 93% of event participants said that his programs are business-changing.

Only problem is, his live events require participants to take time out and make their way to the event. That’s out of the question for most business owners. Especially those living in another state!

Profit Machine

That’s how How to Turn Your Business Into A Profit Machine that Runs Without You home-study program was born. This program is based on almost 10 years of research, costing over $1 million dollars, which developed strategies proven to work by hundreds of private clients. Greg presented these same strategies in workshops, and in different group coaching environments and through years of exposure, he developed the best way to communicate these ideas.

After all, it doesn’t matter how great your strategies are – if people don’t understand them, they won’t work. It is from these years of experience working with clients that Greg has been able to hone his message so that even if you have not been to college, you will understand it. And even if you have, he reveals the small business strategies your professors never learned. (Part of Greg’s experience is teaching final year architects at university because their business school professors didn’t understand small business. Why would they- they have never run one!)

Greg, What a year! I have done a profit analysis for the two calendar halves of the year. 100% increase in Gross Profit & Revenue in line with forecast. Hired two new staff. The big improvement has been the ability for me to know where my money is and how best to spend it! Thanks for all your help!” Ray Verati, Verve Project Management

Using all his experience in working with small business owners, and providing education in a wide variety of formats, Greg decided to create an implementation program based on the strategies reveailed in his best selling book – The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the book as this program is the complete guide.

Greg promises that it’s a compendium of his best business strategies and marketing techniques that guarantee success – no matter what business you’re in!

The original workshops focused on the most current cutting-edge strategies, systems and tools. Greg decided to supplement these with his high-performance Profit Driver system and other proprietary techniques to produce one, powerful and easy-to-implement program that business owners can immediately apply to their own businesses.

How to Turn Your Business Into A Profit Machine that Runs Without You home-study program will stretch your mind and give you a fresh perspective on how you can achieve a better work / life balance. It will also show you where making little changes can translate into massive bottom-line profits and results in your business. One thing is guaranteed, you will NEVER look at your business the same way again!

You will learn:

  • 5 KEY organising principles behind enduring business success
  • Why at the end of the month, at the end of the year, you have no money left over (or not as much as you thought you would)
  • How to earn more, while spending fewer hours in the office
  • Why you’re always ‘looking for clients’ even though you provide an outstanding service
  • How to have more clients than you can handle, without discounting
  • How to stop being a slave to your clients or employees!
  • How to Build the Wage You Deserve into Your Invoices
  • How to harness the 5 Profit Drivers in Your Business
  • How to build a Sales Pipeline that turns your business into a cash machine!
  • How to make your business run without you and become a Saleable Asset
  • And countless more business-growing ideas, techniques and strategies!

Best of all, you’ll learn practical strategies, and with the following workbook you will not only be learning business-growing ideas but also putting them into ACTION.

That’s because with the How to Turn Your Business Into A Profit Machine that Runs Without You home-study program you’ll also get –

Six step-by-step training videos with a workbook to implement the learnings into your business!

Profit Machine

Forget about all those books you read, and seminars you listened to or attended that got you excited but produced no tangible bottom-line difference in your business. Greg is all about RESULTS.

Sure, he will give you lots of cutting-edge strategies and techniques to improve your sales and business but, most importantly, using this workbook he will guide you in APPLYING them to your business with templates, tools and example after example.

The workbook is the implementation tool for the program. As you’ll be going through the program with Greg, he will ask you to pause it, and complete a specific set of exercises using the templates provided in the workbook and other tools that he uses to supplement. How to use these for your business is thoroughly explained in the program.

There is no room for passive learning with this program!

Good Afternoon Greg,

I am one of those crazy (passionate??) people working on the computer on a Sunday afternoon with a perfect sunny Melbourne day outside!

I have completed the Profit Machine Program sections that cover the following remaining program sections:

  • One page business plan
  • Business systems section
  • People systems section
  • My Action Plan

Found the Profit program worthwhile with the following benefits:

  1. Cut out all the fluff and got down to the main points
  2. I like the One Page Business Plan (anything to do with One Page I like!)
  3. The accounting section was good because I got to do some numbers and base my marketing strategies around the accounting figures
  4. Aligned my marketing to my business planning
  5. Created an Action and Implementation Plan to make It all happen
  6. Identified business systems that I need.
  7. Looked into the People systems that I require, whilst investigating contractors and external assistance
  8. Had a closer look at how the business functions: Managing Director, Marketing, Operations, Admin
  9. I have a business planning template in place to undertake similar planning at the commencement of each financial year
  10. Can now scoff at my original 30 page, colourful business plan that promised the world and maybe wasn’t as practical as it could’ve been.
  11. Identified the areas of the business that I need to work on, the systems and documents I need to produce
  12. Thought about some of the further marketing materials I need to produce
  13. Considered how to best manage external contractors
  14. Thought further on how to develop the company brand
  15. Started to get some good lists together of what needs to be done
  16. Identified a friend to keep me accountable to the Action Plan and list of items
  17. Thought about the people systems, which I hadn’t to any great extent previously
  18. Thought a bit more on previous and current strategies and how to make improvements
  19. Enjoyed the step by step program with its organised sections

Regards Arthur Pitas- CEO of LEA which provides Civil Engineering Services to Property Owners, Land Developers, Local Government, Water Authorities and Project Management Consulting.

IF you take action then you WILL see tangible, bottom-line results. In fact, Greg guarantees it!

To make How to Turn Your Business Into A Profit Machine that Runs Without You home-study program even more useful to you, Greg decided to give you other material …

Comprehensive notes and an mp3 audio to make it easy to go over anything you might have missed from the videos.

How do you achieve better results in less time? You need to learn how to better manage your time gaps. You can’t work on your business while you are stuck in traffic, walking or commuting to work, or waiting in a queue … well, now you can! Because with an mp3 recording you can easily download onto your iPod or mp3 player you can listen anywhere, anytime.

Your investment required

Look, Dr. Chapman will not only show you how to have a more successful business while increasing your paycheque … he will guide you in implementing what you’ll be learning in this program to produce lasting and tangible results.

If your business isn’t working to your satisfaction, then how much are you willing to invest to get your business on the right track?

You’ll be glad to know that the investment for this program is just $497!

It’s a one-off fee that will give you access to the latest and most effective tools, strategies and techniques to transform your business and achieve a better work / life balance.

Think about it …

Less than four hundred dollars stands between the business you now have – the struggling back-breaking operation that gives you no real payoff – and the business you DESERVE to have for all the hard work that you have already poured into it.

And, your results are guaranteed!

In fact, Dr. Chapman guarantees it …


Hi, my name is Greg Chapman, and I want to thank you for considering my offer. I know that you must be sceptical. Perhaps you’re thinking: ‘Will this work in my business?’ and ‘What if it doesn’t?’. I understand. That’s why I offer an unconditional 60-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for your own peace of mind. Simply, get this program and pick one or two easy strategies and take action. If you think this is not for you, then I don’t want to keep your money. But, at the every least, approach this offer with an open mind. The risk is on me, so you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

So, as you can see, your results are guaranteed. All you have to do is go through the program, take action and then decide if it’s right for you.

If not, Greg promises to give you a FULL refund! So, once again, you have nothing to lose.

WAIT! Enrol TODAY and Get Over $785 In FREE BONUS GIFTS
At No Extra Cost …

If you enrol today then Greg will throw in some very special bonuses.

BONUS GIFT #1 – Budgeting to Drive Your Business Further – Budget Spreadsheet ($37.00)


Being able to forecast your business profitability is a critical step in giving you control of Your Business. You are probably receiving a Profit and Loss Statement from your accountant, but there are two things wrong with it. Firstly, it only tells you what has happened, not what is going to happen. Secondly, the statements most accountants provide don’t reveal where the business is making and losing its money. And the format they provide makes analysis extremely difficult.


The Budgeting to Drive Your Business Further spreadsheet gives the business owner the following capabilities:

  • Forecast Your Profits over the next 12 months
  • See which products & services are making or losing you money
  • Analyse the impact of pricing and costs on Gross Profit
  • Forecast a cash flow crisis
  • Create a budget driven by product sales.

BONUS GIFT #2 – Time Management for Business Owners ($47.00). Wish you had that EXTRA hour in your day? This special report will show you how to better manage your time and get more done in less time. You’ll learn practical strategies that will empower you to be able to stop procrastinating and make the most of your day.

Time management for business owners

BONUS GIFT #3 – Complete Business Plan Template with full instructions and an editable Word® version for your plan ($57.00). This is probably one of the fastest ways to produce a practical business plan quickly. To have a successful business you must have a plan. Most people either don’t have one, or find the one they have is too complicated for them to use. This ‘guide’ will give you the detail you need to write a SERIOUS business plan.

business plan template

BONUS GIFT #4 – ($197.00 value) A Small Business Success Club Guest Membership – on Greg! The club provides a structured curriculum for its members, starting with their business goals, and then moving on to either marketing strategy and sales, or to business management systems. The best thing about this program is that members are able to choose from a variety of curriculum modules to suit their needs – so you’ll be working on the areas you need help with the most.

Small business success club | Business Coaching | Small Business Advisor | Marketing Coach | Small Business Consultant | Empower Business Solutions

BONUS GIFT #5 – ($297.00 value) Complimentary Business Evaluation of your business by Dr. Greg Chapman. Greg has worked with thousands of business owners and professionals from all major sectors in Australia and abroad. Often, he can take a quick look and make simple suggestion that have a dramatic effect on your business. He is an expert who spends more time tackling tough business issues on a day-to-day basis than most people you will ever come in contact with. This bonus alone shuld cover your investment. Your business will never be the same again, following this thorough business evaluation.


Along with these bonuses, you also receive:

  • DVD Training Video
  • Comprehensive written notes of the Video material
  • Complete step-by-step Workbook to implement this program
  • Complete audio in mp3 format that you can listen to on you iPod or mp3 player


Remember, this is not just another business program full of hype to motivate you. In fact, this has nothing to do with hype, but it will change your thinking. This has everything to do with growing your business while giving you better work / life balance. PLUS …

Your results are guaranteed.

In just a couple of hours Greg will guide you to analyse your profit structure, deconstruct your marketing and develop new strategies to drive your business’s success.

Yes, you will have to get your hands dirty, so to speak. The workbook will make you work.

Taking action won’t always be easy.

You will feel the pressure to slow down, but Greg will be there for you to ensure that you take the action you need to take to create the business that makes you feel proud at the end of the week.

If your business is not giving you the pay-off and the results you want or deserve, then you need to try a different approach.

ENROL in this program and see how, with the right strategies, you can have a better work / life balance and more money at the end of each week!

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YES, Greg! I want to transform my business and my life, learning how to implement “The Five Pillars” small business strategies and techniques you have presented to thousands of other Small Business Owners, allowing me to go on to achieve all my business goals faster than ever before.

Price: $497 including gst and p&h.

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Greg Chapman

Dr Greg Chapman – CEO
Empower Business Solutions

P.S. If you’re working long, frustrating 10– 14 hour days, and you’re making only an average income in your business, then you’re wasting your time. Put Greg to the TEST and give his program a go – it could be just what you need right now.

P.P.S. Remember, Greg offers you an unconditional guarantee. So you have NOTHING to lose – and you can keep the BONUSES even if you return the program.