The Small Business Success Club

Double Your Profits In The Next 12 Months

Using My Ultra-Affordable Coaching Program With
One Big Difference!

Dear hard-working business owner,

Is your business giving you the results you deserve?

Are you looking to get more out of your business?

There are five things that will turn your business around.

Just five.

The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

All you have to do is tweak those five fundamental areas in your business each month to grow your bottom-line profits and income.

Over the next twelve months, I will give you powerful tools to help you do that– in fact, I promise that if you follow my advice your profit will double.

“I am going to show you how to double your profit—the EASY way!”

My prediction is that just one of those tools will turn your business around–double your profits, give you more free time, and take the angst out of running the business. You will get twelve powerful tools in total that will change your business forever.

Why should you listen to my advice? Simply put…

I have the ANSWERS you need to solve your BIGGEST business problems.

I have 30+ years of hands-on business experience; I am an award-winning author; I am a small business media expert and publisher. I have a Ph.D., MBA education and qualification, and I am also a Certified Master Coach. I have presented programs to a worldwide audience (including the US and Europe), and I also run a short business program every year at the prestigious Melbourne University (The #1 University in Australia), where my best-selling Five Pillars business book is prescribed reading for final year students.

Why am I telling you this? I know you need to trust my ability to help you before you say ‘yes, sign me up!’ I also know the difference that the right tools, systems, and mindset can make in your business.

I am going to combine my academic and my ‘street-smart’ mindset to give you a structured scientific and logical action plan to help you tick the right boxes in your business.

If, at times, irrational emotions get the better of you, then you will love my scientific approach to problem-solving and decision-making in business.
You see, over the last ten years, I have worked with business owners just like you and achieved impressive results my clients. For example…

Small Business User Manual

“Within three months of working with Dr Greg Chapman I have been able to increase my turnover by 50% and I expect it to double in the next year. My business mindset has totally changed as has the way I handle potential clients and the way I operate my business. If you are seeking similar results, I highly recommend Dr Chapman’s services.”
Cory Hull – MJ Landscaping

Small Business User Manual

“Greg, What a year! I have done a profit analysis for the two calendar halves of the year. 100% increase in Gross Profit. Revenue in line with forecast. Hired two new staff. The big improvement has been the ability for me to know where my money is and how best to spend it! Thanks for all your help!”
Ray Verati – Verve Project Management Pty Ltd

Small Business User Manual

Amazing results! In just a few months of working with Dr Chapman I have been able to increase my chargeable hourly rate by a massive 400%. The exciting thing is, the clients I now work with don’t have an issue with price point, they recognise the value in my services and happily engage.”
Greg Fellows – Dynamic Business & Training Solutions

However, there are many prospects that cannot afford my regular coaching service, and I have only so many hours in the day.

That’s why I came with my second-best alternative solution that you should appreciate.

  • It costs a fraction of my regular coaching programs…
  • It guarantees real bottom line results…
  • In fact, it will help you double your profits over the next 12 months

If you cannot afford a full-time coach ($2500+/month), then this is the answer to your prayers.

YOU Can Learn What My high 6 and 7-Figure Income, Private Business Coaching Clients Have Learned…
At A Fraction of the Cost!

And the one big difference from all the other programs you might have reviewed- IMPLEMENTATION

Other programs may give you lots of information, but leave implementation up to you. This program gives You the tools and support You need to deliver the actual results You want. Without implementation, you will just be left with a box of manuals.

Before you sign up let me tell you a little bit about the program.

Complete list of tools HERE

This revolutionary super affordable program is called The Small Business Success Club, and if you’re a small business owner then it will rock your business world. I guarantee it. Here’s why…

You will get the same tools and strategies I use in my premium services, but receive direct support from me, with one-on-one Strategy and Implementation sessions, albeit without the price tag of the hand holding that my elite clients value and appreciate to grow their larger, more complex businesses.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology I am going to guide you from where you are in your business to where you want to be by focusing you on the key growth areas in your business.

You won’t believe how focused and productive you will become as soon as you know what to focus on first, second and so on.

Spare yourself the pain and heartache of small business ownership – get on the fast track to business success with my new program!

Let me ask you.

Why are you in business?

Why have you gone into business in the first place?

Was it to be your own boss? Have greater control over your life and finances? Be able to spend more time with your family? Have more spare time?

Well, are you getting closer to living your dream?

If you’re like most business owners then chances are your business could be better. That’s what this new program is about.

It’s about giving you the missing pieces to business success!

Join my brand-new Small Business Success Club

The Small Business Success Club is designed to double your profits in the next twelve months while giving you greater work-life balance.

Surprisingly, multiplying your income is quite easy. I say ‘surprisingly’ because most underpaid business owners, earning a decent livingsounds like a dream.

It’s not.

What can be challenging is running a business without having the business run your life, where you feel like a prisoner instead of an entrepreneur.

My Small Business Success program has been designed to free you up, and release you from the prison of small business ownership.

Of course, you might not feel like a prisoner, but if you have to punch the clock for the wheels of your business to keep moving then there is room for improvement. If that’s what you want then let’s get started!

As soon as you sign up…

I am going to show you THE ONE thing you need to focus on over the next thirty days and then the second most important thing and the third.

After working with HUNDREDS of businesses just like you I was able to identify what can make a difference in a small to medium-sized business. You see, most business owners don’t understand the 80/20 rule where twenty-percent of your efforts amount to eighty-percent of results.

The opposite is also true.

If it feels like you’re spending your time and resources chasing your tail without getting the payoff you want–let me show you something different.

Let me show you how you can stop spinning your wheels in your business and start making headway while increasing your business income.


What’s the missing piece that’s been holding you back?

Chances are that you have read countless books and attended lots of business seminars. You have knowledge. You have discipline. You have tenacity. Yet, if you’re like most business owners then it’s still not happening. Why?

My research shows that it’s not ideas that can make a difference in your business, but the successful implementation of ideas.

How many times have you heard a cool idea that you did nothing with? Perhaps you heard or read about something that got you excited then the next thing you know is the adrenaline rush of a totally new idea that’s even more exciting. Hang on, what happened to the last one?!?

You see, coming up with great ideas is the easy part, learning how to turn abstract ideas into CASH is why you need to join the program.

Every month, starting today, you will receive a new implementation tool for a different area of your business, accompanied by a video of how you should use it, and the strategy behind it. So instead of focusing on quantity we’re going to focus on implementation. My goal is not to turn you on with information, but to produce real results in your business.


You will get one tool every month, with video training.

Small Business User Manual

Now, having a tool is not the same as having an idea. Ideas are everywhere. You can pick up a book and get half a dozen in the first ten to fifteen minutes of reading it. My proprietary tools are designed to get you to DO what you need to do to grow your business. That’s why you will also get a step-by-step video with every tool that shows you precisely how you use it to ‘do’ what needs to be done in your business. That’s also why you just get one per month to master and implement.

I don’t want you to be a student of success I want you to BE a success.
I want to make that happen for you.

Are you following?

Great. As soon as you sign up you will get the first tool, the Profitability Analyser, that lets you understand what makes money in your business, and what doesn’t. You need to understand what works and what doesn’t produce the results you want. Most business owners are too busy working IN the business (chasing their own tail!) to figure this out.

So, together we will identify your profit leaks and also your opportunities.

In my experience, this exercise alone could MAKE you $10,000’s (if you’re a micro business) to $100,000’s (for larger businesses) and more in the next twelve months. Does this excite you?

But there is more…

With this tool you will also learn how to:

  • Price your goods and services for maximum profits
  • Build your desired wages into your invoice
  • Discover opportunities to increase your prices
  • Position your services so you can get top dollar for your service
  • And more!

The video training will show you how to do all these things with my proprietary tools.

You just enter your data.

It doesn’t get any easier.

In coming months, I will provide you you a Tool to:

  • Control your finances,
  • Boost your sales,
  • Launch a Marketing Dashboard to put you in control of your marketing,
  • Manage your Business Systems,
  • Segment your customers and increase your prices,
  • Manage your Marketing a Sales productivity and much, much more.

The complete Small Business Success Club Tool Menu is here.

Your Coaching Support

But you don’t have to do this alone as you might with programs that are just a box of manuals and DVDs.

In the first month you can book a 45 minute strategy video conference with me, Dr Greg Chapman, to help maximise the return you will receive from this program. At the end of this session, we will agree on the actions you will take for the rest of the quarter, and because this program is ALL about implementation, every quarter you can book a 20 minute implementation session, where we will discuss your progress and what you need to do implement the strategies we have previously discussed. Accountability is a crucial part of implementation and key to your success. These are “Ask me anything” sessions, about the program or about your business. You will receive the same quality of advice for this year long program that my full fee paying coaching clients receive.

The Small Business Success Club is not about ‘hollow motivation’ – but real step-by-step implementation tools and practical strategies for each part key part of your business (Planning, Marketing, Systems, People and Discipline – The Five Pillars of business success.)

Master them and your business profits will shoot through the roof!

Your investment

Now, you must be thinking that this level of business education will cost you an arm and a leg. Not so… My full-paying clients pay me $2700 per MONTH. And why not when my services are not a cost, but a revenue multiplier?

Well, the reality is that this may be a little too much for you at this stage. I understand. Perhaps you want to ‘test-drive’ my services before getting on with my more intensive business-coaching program. That’s also fine.

That’s why I am making the Small Business Success Club as affordable as possible. I am not going to give it away because you need to have some skin in the game otherwise there will be no accountability and we both know how that goes.

The Small Business Success Club is priced at just $167 per month, (an annual cost of less than the cost of a single month for my full fee clients). And for a limited time you will also get a free copy of my breakthrough book The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success guide. This alone will put at least $5,000 into your pocket over the next six months IF you take action on it ($0 if you don’t).


Here is what you get:

  • 12 Business Strategy Implementation Tools
  • 12 Strategy Implementation Training videos
  • Introductory Strategy Review of Your business
  • Quarterly Implementation Reviews

And of course my award winning, best selling book, The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success

But if you are still unsure:


My generous 300% Guarantee protects you!

Firstly, if you don’t see the value of your club membership then let me know within 30 days for a no-questions asked refund. That’s 100%.

Plus, you get to keep the tools and all the training materials you have received, that’s 200%.

Plus if you subscribe for a year and find that using these tools don’t Double Your Profits over the previous year (or if you aren’t making a profit now, your bottomline will be improved by at least 5 times your investment), let us know in the 13th month and there will be a full refund for the entire year! That’s 300%!

What this means:

1. A 30 day trial period of the Profitability Analyser with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
2. A guarantee that you will double your profits with the full 12 month program
3. Even if you request a refund, you get to keep all the tools and training materials.

No fine print.

You just cannot lose. There is no risk…..unless you decide not to act now.

The complete Small Business Success Club Tool Menu is here.

You must be thinking…

“I am too busy to be taking on anything new!”

That’s exactly why you need this program.

This program is all about helping you get more productive in your business.

First, the program will give you more time so you can work less in your business and have some “life” outside of business.

Second, the tools are easy to implement. I will tell you what to do. I will show you how to do it – everything, step-by-step. I will also give you simple tools so you can easily track your progress, goals, and results.

I will not overwhelm you with tons of stuff to read.

As soon as you sign up you will get my best business-building tools that you need to grow your business and make the business run without you.

It’s all about simplicity.

Less stress.

More efficiency.

Would you like that? Let’s get started.

Go ahead and sign up NOW – you get 30 days to change your mind.


Please sign me up for the complete program! just $167/month (for 1 year subscription)
(I understand that I have 30 days to decide if the value provided is as promised &
am Guaranteed that my Profit will at least Double in the next 12 months)

As I like to say…


May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman – The Profit Whisperer

P.S. Why focus on Profit not turnover? Because too many businesses have profitless turnover in one or more of their products and services, and increasing turnover can actually reduce profitability. Your bottomline is Profit, not Sales. And I mean, Profit AFTER you have paid yourself a decent wage, and recovered ALL your costs, even the ones most owners ignore. No wonder there is so little left for them at the end of the year!

P.P.S. I have purposely priced the Small Business Success Club this low to help you make an easy decision to sign up without having to ‘over-think’ it. My goal behind this club is quite simple, really. Get you to experience my strategies, help you make money in the process, and sign up to my full-paying business coaching program when a slot becomes available.

However, if you’re still need more reassurance then let me put your anxieties at rest. You are protected from the beginning to the end of the program. What this means:

1. A 30 day trial period of the Profitability Analyser with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
2. A guarantee that you will double your profits with the full 12 month program
3. Even if you request a refund, you get to keep all the tools and training materials.

No fine print.

You just cannot lose. There is no risk…..unless you decide not to act now.

P.P.P.S With an exceptional track record in business for over 30 years, I have become an internationally-renowned award-winning author with The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success (best seller). After working as Vice President for a multinational I returned to Australia and have brought back best business practice to hundreds of business owners and am now building a legacy resource for them and you.

The Small Business Success Club is your first step toward your dream business into reality. The complete Small Business Success Club Tool Menu is here.

What are you still waiting for?


Please sign me up for the complete program! $1997
(I understand that I have 30 days to decide if the value provided is as promised &
am Guaranteed that my Profit will at least Double in the next 12 months)

See you on the other side.