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Small Business Achiever – End Financial Year Clearance

Small Business Achiever

The Small Business Achiever Business Owner Brief is a no fluff ‘How To” letter that describes step-by-step how to implement 3 different strategies every issue.

I am in the process of reformatting this letter but I have a number of the print issues remaining in stock. A problem for me, but an opportunity for you!

Normally these are priced at $97 but as I want to clear our inventory of these old format issues, I am offering discounts from 50-86% to empty our shelves.

The contents of each issue is listed below. Note that we have less then 10 copies of the first 10 issues, and just a few more of the others, which will go on a first come first serve base.

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You can order 2, 5, 10 or all 30 issues (the more you order, the cheaper!), and just let us know after you click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ when you enter your details, in the Order Notes box, which issues you want. Note All Prices incl. gst and p&h (in Australia).

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Small Business Achiever Back Issues:

Drive Your Business Forward with a One Hour Business Plan
Standing Out with Your Points of Difference
Making Your Website Pay – Your Keywords

The Easiest Way to Increase Your Prices
How to Start Getting Your Business Organised
Being Found on the Internet – Paid vs ‘Free’ Search

How to Create Great Ads that Sell Your Business
How to Develop a Business Structure that Drives Your Business Growth
How to Design a Website that Generates Leads

How to Use Your Guarantee to Increase Sales
How to Delegate so You have Time to Work ON Your Business
How to Get Website Visitors Back to Buy from You

How to Double or Triple Your Sales with a Sales Pipeline
How to Expose Cross Subsidies that Destroy Your Profit
How Google was Conquered in 2 Weeks with New Keywords


More Ways to Increase Your Prices- How to Package Value
How to Create an Extra Hour in Your Day
How to Use Offline Promotion to Increase Website Traffic & Sales


How to Leverage Your Business with Other Businesses
How to Turn Your Job into a Business by Creating an Operating System
What to Put on Your Website to Make People Call You.


How to Make a Splash in the Media
How to Decide if an Investment in Your Business is Worth It.
How to Use Google Adwords without Breaking the Bank

How to Make Money by Becoming an Expert
Leveraging Your Time So You Can Get What You are Worth
How to Write an eBook that Generates Leads from Your Website

How to Discover if Your Sales are Making or Losing You Money
How to Make Your Business Survive & Thrive in a Recession
Creating a Blog to Get Dream Referrals

How to Get “A” Class Clients through Strategic Networking
How to Make Your Business Survive & Thrive in a Recession
Is Your Domain Name making You Money?

How to Discount Your Way to Higher Profits
How to Track Your Profits So You can Drive them Higher
Which Online Directories should you use to Boost Your Google Rankings?

Creating a Sales Stairway to Heavenly Profits
Getting the Most from Your People
What sort of Website should You Build for Your Business Strategy?

Word of Mouth Strategies that will Boost Your Business
How to Make Your Business Run Without You.
How to Email Market to Get More Sales

21 Ways to Get More Customers for Your Business
What Systems should You have to Run Your Business
How Split Testing can Double your Google Adwords Results

Driving Your Business with Your Data Base
How to Manage Priorities so the Important Stuff Gets Done
How to Tell What Happens on Your Website

Making Cold Calling Pay
How to Create a Workflow Process to Increase Your Productivity
How to Use Online Surveys to Get Customer Feedback Easily

How to Plug the Leaks in Your Sales Pipeline
How to Use Your Marketing and Sales KPI’s to Drive Your Busienss
How to Use Article Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Using the Five Profit Drivers in Your Business
Avoiding the Milestone Mistakes in Growing Your Business
Getting Found Locally in Google

How to Turn Price Shoppers into Profitable Sales
How to Use Your People Systems KPI’s to Drive Your Productivity
How to Get Your Name to the Top of Google

How Much should You Charge? – Pricing for Profit
How to Value Price to Increase Your Revenue
Pricing for Online Sales

How to Increase Your Profit when You can’t Increase Your Prices
How to Make Sure You can Afford the Business Improvements You Need
Is Technology Helping or Hurting Your Website?

How to Increase Your Customer Quality
How to Increase Returns by Reducing Dead Money in Your Business
Increasing Your Database with Better Opt-in Strategies

Bring in Piles of New Business with Direct Marketing
How to Incentivise your Staff to Boost Your Profits
How to Use Online Marketing Alliances to Massively Increase Your Exposure

21 More Ways to Get More Customers for Your Business
Creating Gauges that Make Your Business Run without You
How to Find Out Who is Reading Your Newsletters

How to Reset the Buying Criteria in Your Favour
How to Define the Profit Objective for Your Business
The Easy Way to Create Content that Keeps You on Google’s Front Page

How to Buy Customers
How to Create a Problem Solving Procedure for Your Business
How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

How to Increase Your Prices with Price Anchoring
External Benchmarks to Improve Your Business Performance
Finding and Using Low Cost Support on the internet

How to Recruit Top Sales Staff
Using a Multi-Step Marketing Strategy to Increase Prospects and Sales
Using Goggle to Design Your Classified Advertising

Closing the Sale
Where to Start in Your Small Business Makeover
Building an Image on the Cheap



May Your Business Be As You Plan It!

Greg Chapman

Dr Greg Chapman, MBA
Author – The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success