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How to Multiply Your Profits &
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Success in business can mean many things:

small business kit

> More money
–> More time
> Less Stress
–> More recognition
> More control


However, the most objective test of success is that you have a Saleable Asset. You can tell if your business is a saleable asset if:

  • You don’t have to be at your business every day for it to make money
  • You can forecast your sales
  • You can delegate to others the day-today operations
  • You consistently produce the results you want

This is the type of business that others will buy from you for 4 or more times your annual profit. That doesn’t mean you have to sell it, but just knowing that you could at any time, greatly reduces stress and will give you a happier lifestyle.

The book: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success is the starting point of a journey for small business owners. It is deliberately concise as most owners will not read a long book. It is designed to show owners the obstacles that prevent their success and the steps they should take to achieve their goals, and to show them the path to success. It shows the whole journey they will take.

What others say about Dr Greg Chapman’s Programs:

What I liked best was:

Learning marketing strategies, understanding the importance of planning, understanding the sales pipeline and when to let go. As business proprietors we tend to keep doing the same things and don’t stop to look at the big picture and how we can vastly improve our profits and lifestyles often by simply understanding and changing the way we position ourselves. It also made me understand the importance of pro-active marketing and not simply relying on word-of-mouth referrals.
Sally Nicolazzo- Sally Nicolazzo & Assoc.

The step-by-step approach to helping formulate your overall plan.It was very good at helping me concentrate on what I need to do.
Damian Williams- Element Architects.

The simple exercises in forming our business plan and direct ideas for improvements. It was great.
Ruth Buckland- Count Dogula’s.

The re-enforcement of “The Five Pillars”, marketing strategy and the need for constant re-invention, so no coasting. After reading your book twice, the program was highly educational. Thank You Greg.
Steven Oxley- Cadox Building Design.

While the 5 Pillars is a complete blueprint, it is impossible in a such a book to explain the all the steps to success in full detail, as such a book would be longer than War and Peace, and owners would never read it! So the Five Pillars Business Owner Success Program is designed to reveal the implementation details of the steps presented in the book.In this program you will learn:

  • How You can increase sales
  • How You can go away for a week without everything falling apart
  • How You can make a profit
  • How You can market to Your target clients
  • How to grow Your business
  • How to know in which direction You should go
  • How to Get More Customers
  • How to turn Your business into an Asset You can Sell.
  • How to have more time and get more money
  • How to Increase Your Cashflow

What you get:

In this comprehensive program you will learn about:

  • Goals that will Drive Your Business to Success
    • Develop a 5 year plan, and a 12 month plan that will take you to your 5 year goals.
    • Analyse your business structure and understand where you are making & losing money
    • Discover which prices you can increase
    • Create plans that drive your business forward
  • Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business
    • Define Your Target Market Position
    • Develop your Points of Difference
    • Create a framework for all your future promotions
    • Determine who are your Best Buyers and the right focus of your marketing tactics
    • Define the advertising messages that you will use in all your future marketing collateral
    • Discover how you can take customers from your competitors, and keep them coming back
  • The Five Profit Drivers
    • Create strategies for your Five Profit Drivers
      • Increase the number of enquiries
      • Increase the conversion to sales
      • Increase the average value per sale
      • Increase the number of times a customer buys
      • Increase the gross profit per sale
    • Develop marketing tactics to massively grow your business
  • Use Your Sales Pipeline to Skyrocket Your Business
    • Analyse your sales process
    • Learn how to plug your leaky sales pipeline.
    • Work out what is wrong with your existing sales system
    • Develop a plan to drive your sales skyward
  • Analysing Your Workflow Process to Streamline Your Business
    • Determine your organisational requirements
    • Highlight your workflow gaps and improvement opportunities.
    • Determine your organisational requirements and business system design
    • Massively improve your business efficiency
  • Business Systems Implementation to Free You from the Daily Routine
    • Review each part of your business and identify missing pieces in your business systems
    • Learn how to build your business system
    • Create an Operations Manual for your business
    • Implement systems that will save you time and money
  • Budgeting and Reporting so Your Business Can Run Without You
    • Create a detailed sales driven budget
    • Use your budget to drive your Marketing Plan and System
    • Identify the Key Performance Indicators for your business
    • Build a reporting system that will enable you to pro-actively manage your business
    • Create a business that will run without you and turn it into a Saleable Asset
  • People Management Systems that Get the Most from Your People
    • How to make sure that you have the right people doing the right jobs
    • Ensure that your staff do their jobs in the way you want
    • Be confident that you can leave your business in the hands of others
  • Creating a Process that Delivers Results
    • Discover the 7 steps to Goal Achievement

There are over 500 pages on materials valued at $497. Nothing is left out!

What if you believe you won’t have the time for this?

Free Bonus #1 Time Management for Business Owner

Value $47

There are two aspects to managing your time:

  1. Choosing which things you should do
  2. Doing the right things efficiently

They key to this is Valuing your Time.

Free Bonus #2 DVD of Dr Greg Chapman presenting a seminar on: Why Most Businesses will Stay Small and What You can do About Yours

Value $45

Free Bonus #3 Business Software CD

Business Tools and Word Versions of Templates provided in the program so you can easily modify and adapt them to your needs. The Software includes:

  • Budget Development Software
  • Financial Reporting against budget
  • Sales Pipeline Software
  • Marketing Tools

Value $147

Free Bonus #4 Business Mastery Audio Series

11 Audios of Experts with Transcripts:

“Secret of Business Success”
“How to Get an Extra Hour in Your Day”
“Using Guarantees to Multiply Your Sales”
“Seven Secrets to Creating a Great Ad”
“Closing the Sale”
“How to Run a Word of Mouth Business”
“Valuing Your Time”
“Making Your Business Run Without You”
“Maximising Your Exit Strategy”
“How to Leverage Your Time so You can Work on Your Business”
“Creating a Champion Mindset for Your Business”

Value $197

Free Bonus #5 Pricing Strategy: Secrets of Sales Success

Learn what drives price and how you can change your marketing to increase your prices.

Value $67

Free Bonus #6 The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success

If you haven’t already ordered the book, I want you to have a copy to use as the Getting Started point of this program. It is easy to be overwhelmed with all the information you will receive, and I want you to use my book as your guide, to show you the complete journey before you start it.

Value $25

If you already have the book, you might want to give this book to a partner or colleague. Over 75% of the sales of this book are by people buying it to give to others after they have read their own copy!

The total value of this program with its bonuses- including over 500 pages of materials, 2 CD’s and a DVD is $1273.

Here is what you will receive:

five pillars package

  • Five Pillars Business Owner Success Program
  • Seven Special Bonuses

Total Value of this package is $1170


The Business Owner Success Program Plus All Bonuses is

$745 $297 incl. gst and p&h (Aust. only)
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You Have A Choice To Make Today
Maybe For The First Time In Your Life

A.) You can continue on at your own pace and looking for free stuff to download (worth what you pay for it) to help you along the way and someday you may build a business which will support you.


B.) You can make the same decision which thousands of people have already made and that is to let me teach you. Let me be your guide, hold your hand and give you the instruction and training which you rightfully deserve.

Dr Greg Chapman’s
Five Pillars Business Owner
Success Program

“Dr Greg Chapman has delivered all he has promised and I now believe I have the tools and support to achieve more than ever before this year.”

YES! I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques which Dr Greg Chapman teaches his successful Multi-Million Dollar private clients.

  • I understand I will receive the physical product of the Business Owner Success Program including, 2 CDs, a DVD and over 500 pages of the best training information available.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It!

Dr Greg Chapman