White Label Products for Accountants, Business Advisors and Coaches.

Premium White Label Products for Accountants, Business Advisors and Coaches.

How you can build Your Reputation and Increase Your Fees


Are you seeking high quality products that you can rebrand and package to increase your value to your clients, as well as your fees? Having your own premium content will accelerate the building of your reputation, however most white label content is generic junk that will impress no one.

Over more than 15 years I have been developing products and content for my clients, including award winning books that I’m making available for the first time and for a very limited number of colleagues to license and rebrand and customise for their own clients.

High quality products are essential for a reputation strategy which has been at the heart of all my marketing. All these products have been developed by me and I’m the sole owner of the copyrights. Some of this content has won international awards and other parts presented at national conferences or published in national journals.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m in the process of retiring to pursue other interests. (I’m currently in my late 60’s.) While it’s difficult to sell a business based on your own reputation, I can sell the intellectual property, or as I like to call them, my crown jewels.

These products have been very profitable for me, both standalone as well as packaging with my direct services as a value add enabling me to increase my fees by many times over the course of my business.

Because you will receive fully unlocked versions of these products, you will be able to:

  • Brand these products as your own
  • Customise them to suit your market niche
  • Repurpose them for different media
  • Set your own prices
  • Package them with your other services to increase your fees
  • Use them to build your own reputation

What you get:

  • Editable versions of all products
  • Scripts and slides used to create training videos
  • Unlocked versions of all tools
  • All bonuses in editable formats
  • A reference retail version of the product

Plus 60 days support while you customise these products for your business.

There are four types of products:

  • Books
  • Small Business Achiever Business Owner Briefs
  • Coaching Implementation Tools with training videos
  • DIY Programs


There are three books:

(The links here and for other products go to the retail pages with full product details)

Each of these books come with bonuses and tools.

Small Business Achiever Business Owner Briefs

These provide high quality, step-by-step how to information on topics ranging from marketing to business management strategies.

You can check out the complete range of topics and a free sample issue at this link. In all there are 36 issues, that either you can sell separately or package as a value add to your fee paying clients each month.

Coaching Implementation Tools

These tools allow clients (with or without your help) to enter their data and be able to see what actions they need to take in order to achieve the results they desire.

Each tool comes with a training video that covers both the theory behind the tool (for example how market segmentation works) and how to use the tool.

There are 12 tools altogether. (I have previously packaged these into an annual program and have also sold them separately.)

Implementation Tools Description

DIY Programs

There are two standalone programs:

White Label Product Pricing

  • Books
    • The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success $500
    • Married to the Business $500
    • Price: How to Charge More without losing Sales $1000
  • Small Business Achievers
    • 12 Issues $1000
    • 24 Issues $1800
    • 36 Issues $2500
  • Coaching Implementation Tools
    • $1000 each
    • For any six $5000
    • For all twelve $9000
  • Programs
    • Profit Driver Program $2000
    • Small Business Success Program $1500

All prices are ex gst.

If you decide to order a retail version of the product first to check it out, this cost will be deducted from the total cost.

Special Bonus: For orders in excess of $1000, you will get a copy of my Sales Pipeline Manual for Accountants and Business Advisors and Coaches.

How to order

Contact me directly here to find out more about these products. Because I can’t predict all the combinations that you might like to package together, pricing for different options will be provided on request.

Build your own reputation on mine when you rebrand it as yours and become reassuringly expensive.


May Your Business Be – As You Plan It!

Greg Chapman Business Coaching | Small Business Advisor | Marketing Coach | Small Business Consultant | Empower Business Solutions

Dr Greg Chapman, MBA – The Profit Whisperer

P.S You get 60 days of support from me to customise the products for your business.